Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The Virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel Isaiah 7:14 Thanksgiving has come to pass and the holiday festivities have just begun. Living in a secular world it is easy to be taken away by the shopping, festivities, and … More Advent

Receiving Mercy

It was a one-mile incline journey to the top of the mountain. The view over looked the hills of San Juan. The pathway up was filled with many slopes and rocky platforms. I was leader on a church retreat for a parish that is relatively new to me but that I have learned to call … More Receiving Mercy

Staying Faithful 

That time of year is around the corner once again; that time when leaves start falling off of trees and turning colors. It appears to be the beginning of the happiest time of the year when all of the holidays arrive, one by one. However, before these holidays can truly have an effect on our … More Staying Faithful 

Emotional Chastity

Sometimes, I can’t help but dive into a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and swing into the age of jazz and romance. The diction and scenery take me on a journey back to a different era, as if I am no longer living in the present. When stumbling  upon romance scenes, I can’t help but feel … More Emotional Chastity

Lost and Found

This past week, I sat down with a dear friend of mine to have coffee. We were talking about life and school when she asked the question, “How could Jesus love me, and how could I be good enough if I have greatly sinned and disobeyed him?” It took me awhile to realize, but the … More Lost and Found

The Journey

This Sunday, I attended a church core retreat for the youth ministry leaders at church. I went into this retreat facing full darkness, and desire to escape it. This summer has been an ongoing nightmare with family deaths, earthy pressures, and other misfortunate events. On top of my present struggles, I was also reminded about … More The Journey