Above the Waters

A few nights ago, I found myself on the verge of tears and frustration. These past few weeks have been filled with never ending chaos. It was becoming too much and all at once. Everything was adding up. The endless daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list had begun to over pour from the pages of … More Above the Waters

Take a Stand 

There are two worn and rustic bracelets that I wear almost every single day. One of them reads Gandhi’s most beloved words, “be the change,” and the other, Esther 4:14, “perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” I have worn them continuously everyday and until earlier this week, it was almost as … More Take a Stand 

Embrace Your Image

Sometimes I will catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I  have to admit that I am not always entirely satisfied with the image I see in the reflection. There are parts of my body that I occasionally seem to desire were shaped in another way. Most of my body image insecurities emerge … More Embrace Your Image